Clare College Cambridge

Dining Rights



All meals free. May invite guests, but personal guests are charged for.

Schoolteacher Fellows, Lane Fellows, and Lane Fellow Associates.


Seven (Groups a and c) or ten (Group b) free meals per week. For Group c, Wednesday dinners are excluded. 

(a) The Master, Fellows (not Class A), Honorary Fellows, Bye Fellows, Visiting Fellows, Elizabeth de Clare Fellows, College Lecturers, Assistant Lecturers, Santander Senior Student.

(b) The Dean, Class A Fellows, Harrison Watson and Denman Baynes Students, Senior William Senior Fellows, Senior Lecteurs/Lectrices.

(c) Special cases, to be decided individually.


Sixteen free meals per term, including Wednesday dinners.

Junior Lecteurs/Lectrices.


Eight free meals (Group a) or dinners only (Group b) per term, excluding Wednesday dinners. May invite guests, but these are counted against their quota.

(a) External Directors of Studies, Nominated Principal Supervisors, College Research Associates, Composer-in-Residence.

(b) Emeritus Directors of Studies.


Three days full board and lodging per term, plus any number of meals at own expense.

Ex-Fellows not ordinarily resident in Cambridge.


Two free meals per term, plus any number at own expense (including Wednesday dinners).

Ex-members of the SCR, e.g. ex-Fellows, ex Chaplains, ex-Denman Baynes and ex-Harrison Watson Students.


Two free meals per term (excluding Wednesday dinners).

Ex-Schoolteacher Fellows, ex-Composers-in-Residence.


Any number of free meals (normally including Wednesdays).

Nominated senior academic visitors.


Eight dinners per term (normally including Wednesdays) at own expense. May invite guests, but these are counted against their quota.

Roll of Regent House, Nominated Resident MAs and PhDs, Nominated resident graduates from associated Colleges or elsewhere, Boards of the College.


One free dinner/term (excluding Wednesdays); guests may be invited at own expense.


N.B. Guests are either “personal” or “College”. College guests are those guests whose presence furthers the purpose of the College (or University) as a place of learning.  See the section on Guests under 'Meal Arrangements' for further details.