Clare College Cambridge

Compensation and Charges

Compensation and Charges for Damage to College Property


Charges - Health and Safety incidents:

A charge will be levied for any incident putting others at risk, such as tampering with fire alarms, blocking fire exists on landings/stairs, discharging or moving fire extinguishers, interfering with fire doors, raising false fire alarm or lighting candles in a room: £40

Charges - IT incidents:

The College will seek reimbursement for the repair or replacement of any IT equipment willfully damaged.

Charges - Other incidents:

  • Holding an unauthorised staircase or room party: £30
  • Failing to remove blu-tak after Senior Housekeeper's written warning: £10
  • Failing to remove candles from room after Senior Housekeeper's warning: £10
  • Persistently having guests overnight without permission, charge PER NIGHT: £10
  • Failure to abide by University and College regulations governing the use of motor vehicles by students in Cambridge: £60

 The Head Porter or Senior Housekeeper will inform the Dean of Students if a student persists in creating a disturbance after warning.

Damage to Student Rooms

The following charges would normally be made for damage caused in rooms:

  • Duvet £10
  • Duvet cover £10
  • Pillow £6
  • Mattress cover £9
  • Carpets:
  • New, up to 2 years: £100
  • Mid life: £60
  • Old, more than 6 years £40
  • Keys - lost or failure to hand into Lodge £20
  • Fire Extinguisher £40

Charges for clearing-up will be based on the hourly rate as follows:

  • Steam cleaning £14 per hour
  • Normal cleaning £7 per hour

Cost of building repairs (eg door kicked in) will be charged in full, depending on the circumstances.

All charges will be agreed with the Dean of Students, who will then send notification (a College Damage Form), to the student(s) concerned.  The student is allowed 48 hours in which to contact the Dean of Students if he/she feels that the charge is in any way unfair or inappropriate, after which time the charge will be put on the student's College bill.