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DS Workstation Facilities

DS Workstation Facilities

The DS (Desktop Services) Workstation Service provides PCs and Apple Macintoshes across many Colleges and Departments. Clare has 40 DS computers spread across its sites which have a wide variety of software packages installed. All main Computer rooms have laser printing facilities, many have colour, all have duplex printing capability. Wireless network provision at Clare is based upon the University's Lapwing system.  See the table below for locations of specific services:

  Computers Printing Email only

Memorial Court


FML (Colour), K (Mono),
LLRR (Colour), X (Colour)

Library Common Rm

Old Court

Hepple Rm

Hepple RM (Mono)



Castle House Castle House (Colour) -

Print from your room: iPrint

This service provides registered users of the Public Workstation Facility at the University of Cambridge the ability to print to PWF from their own Windows computer. Information on how to set this up can be found hereDue to lack of support resource, iPrint support for Linux is not available - Computing services would like to hear from you if you want this feature implemented - Email them Here

Free Online File Storage: CIFS (Common Internet File System)

The CIFS service enables you to use your Desktop Services personal filespace (or group filespaces) directly from a non-DS (your own) machine. When you have successfully set up your CIFS connection, your Desktop Services filespace will appear as just another network device, and can be used in exactly the same way as any local filing system (like your CD drive or local hard disk). Information on how to set this up is found here: