Clare College Cambridge

Affiliated Students

How to apply

Applicants for entry to Clare in 2016 must submit a UCAS application by the 15 October 2015.

Further information about affiliated students can be found at


You may apply as an Affiliated Student if you are a graduate with an approved degree from another university. You must also have been a member of an institution of higher education for three years in advance of obtaining your degree. Once accepted as an Affiliated Student, you are able to complete in two years of study - the requirement for the Cambridge BA degree.

You must also have fluent English. We ask for a 7 overall, and a 7 in each individual element, in the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination. Further details on where you can sit the examination can be found on the IELTS website.


Most Affiliated Students take the last two years of an undergraduate course. You should consult the Undergraduate Prospectus to find out which subjects can be studied in this way.

Affiliated Students at Clare

There is no fixed quota at Clare for Affiliated Students. Candidates should usually have a good First Class degree, and strong support from their referees. 

We place the files of good candidates to whom we are unable to make an offer into the inter-college pool for Affiliated Students, in which other Colleges can consider their applications.