Clare College Cambridge



The Accommodation Office deals with accommodation and housekeeping matters. The office is open from 7am until 4pm, Monday to Friday and is located in N1, on the ground floor of N staircase, Memorial Court

Accomodation Manager

Day-to-day oversight and upkeep of all College rooms is the responsibility of the Accommodation Manager, Mrs Jackie Searle. She also ensures that rooms, furnishings and staircase facilities are treated properly by students and will alert the Rooms Tutor to any problems. 

Rooms Coordinator

Situated in N1 along with the Accommodation Manager, the Rooms Coordinator who collates information and deals in the first instance with any room enquiry.

Rooms Tutor

The Rooms Tutor for undergraduates is Dr Philip Faulkner and he is responsible for allocation of College rooms to undergraduate students and Fellows.  The Rooms Tutor also deals with any problems arising with room allocation, usage and overall capacity.

If you have any questions or queries about your accommodation in College, please feel free to come and see us. 


You can also contact us by telephone or email:


Mrs Jackie Searle

Accommodation Manager 

 01223 (3)33256

 Mrs Maddy Young

Rooms Coordinator  01223 (7)68975